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We are committed to deliver our inspection services as per client statutory requirement in time through continual improvement of our systems & by active participation at all levels.


  • To execute inspection contract within allocated time frame.
  • To check the construction works as per I.S. Specifications.
  • To execute inspection activities in allocated budget.
  • To provide better quality woks to the nation.
  • To enhance customer satisfaction.
     Process flow chart/Third party inspection:

    Receipt of inquiry

    Feasibility check for scope of work

    If feasible, offer prepared and sent

    Review of order on receipt

    Signing of MOU

    Information gathering by collection of detailed specifications, QAP, drawings etc

    Study of agreement, specification & drawings with I.S. Codes

    Preliminary inspection of work site by the Team of Quality Engineers

    Reporting to the Project Manager

    Periodical inspection by Quality Inspector / Coordinator including sampling

    Submission of periodical inspection report to Project Manager.

    Preparation, review & submission of stage/final inspection report/s.

    Completion of Contract

    Our Clients

    • All the Engineering Departments of State & Central Govt.
    • All Concerns Involved in Construction Infrastructures
    • District Development Authorities
    • Infrastructures Companies
    • Military Engg. Services
    • Rural Engg. Services
    • Noida Authority
    • Indian RAILWAY
    • Jal Board Delhi
    • Delhi P.W.D.
    • U.P.P.C.L.
    • I.O.C.L.
    • N.H.A.I.
    • N.H.P.C.
    • N.T.P.C.
    • N.P.C.C.
    • N.B.C.C.

    Third Party Inspection Body Type A (As per ISO/IEC: 17020-2012)

    Quality plays vital role in every field of life. Poor quality of education, poor quality of thought and poor quality of administration tends to result in poor quality of construction & production.

    The anatomy of ‘Quality Assurance’ is very similar to ‘Quality Control’. It evaluates actual quality, compares it with goal and stimulates corrective action as needed. Unfortunately these days quality is an ignored and neglected item from major fields of our country.

    Quality Council of India (Q.C.I.) New Delhi is an organization of Govt. of India (under Ministry of Commerce and Industry), who Accredits and certifies various Inspection Bodies according to the norms fixed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

    Because quality is a timeless concept, ‘Third Party’ Inspection is one of the most important jobs in the country with respect to Quality Assurance of various type of construction works of engineering sector e.g. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical etc.

    Third Party Quality Inspection Bodies need experience and specialization for which it has to be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) under Q.C.I.

    de-Quality Engineers (P). Ltd., of experienced and expert technocrat's is accredited as per International Standard ISO/IEC: 17020-2012 and is the only authorized Inspection Body for Third Party Inspection regarding Quality Assurance in ‘Construction Sector’ in Northern India.

    Field of Inspection

    Field of Inspection

    Type & Range of Inspection

    Standards / Regulations Methods / Procedures

    IAF Scope 28 (NACE Code - F)

    Construction of
    (i) Buildings

    Stage Inspection & Final Inspection

    National Building Code / Relevant Indian Standards Client specifications Approved QAP’s

    {ii} Highways. Roads and Pavements

    Stage Inspection & Fina! Inspection

    MORTH Specifications. / Client specifications & Approved QAP‘S

    (iii) Water projects and other appurtenant works

    Stage Inspection & Final Inspection

    National Building Code / Relevant Indian Standards / Client specifications Approved OAP's